Raziel Moore | Monocle


This blog is for my  very short pieces. Nearly everything here began life as single tweets. Here I’ll post the accumulated poetry, very short prose, and possibly slightly longer things inspired by them, perhaps with the odd image. Some twitterings get gathered together into series or sequences and posted them to my primary, shared blog, The Erotic Writer. Some of the entries here may eventually migrate there as well.

Primary devices here will be senryu, haiku, gogyhoka, choka, micropoems, and 140 character stories. Many, many of them will be smutty and NSFW. You won’t see here full length stories – even 100 word flashes – or ‘real’ poems. That’s for elsewhere.

Monocle (@_Monocle_)

Microrecognition: Poetry from this blog has been featured on the Erotica Readers and Writers Association Gallery pages.

  1. i’m happy to see you putting your tweeted verses here as i am so seldom on twitter anymore. i love your writing. ♥

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