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From a discussion on poetry.

In Discussion, Poem on 26/07/2012 at 9:29 am

From a discussion on the nature of poetry on ERWA. What are its rules? Does it have any? Certain forms do; A limerick with four or six lines isn’t a limerick. A sonnet has a defined structure. A haiku, strictly speaking, has topical limits. Breaking those rules means you’re not writing a ‘true’ limerick or sonnet or haiku, but does that make it bad poetry? This is my answer.

Poetry is the language of disciplinarians and iconoclasts.
Poetry is fluidity in rigidity, and structure in chaos.
Poetry is lyrical seduction and discordant fuck.
Poetry is the gentle violence of words.
Poetry is contradictory agreement.
Poetry is oxymoronic.
Poetry is.

It’s a pretty simple. Reminds me of grade school, which I think is reasonable


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