Raziel Moore | Monocle

7/4/12 – goreyesque

In challenge, micropoem on 07/04/2012 at 9:00 am

From a particularly inspiring Twitter hashtag. -M

The guests asked questions
since it seemed a little queer
that the maid of honor would
hang from the chandelier.

She rode him quite madly
her crop a barrage
concluded treating him badly
was crucial dressage.

The Cavender family
had always been haunted
a fact we tired
of how much they flaunted.

The steam from the bucket
she never inhaled
for the dread belief
she’d awaken impaled.

At the end of the dinner
a last elegant course
a delectable sinner
with drizzled remorse.

He crept quietly in
on shoes that were rubbered
and hid the body cleverly
there in the cupboard.

Not far from the garden
on a heath cold and grayed
she lay with the Warden
charmingly splayed.


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