Raziel Moore | Monocle

7/6/11 – interstitial – Ice

In challenge, Story on 07/06/2011 at 8:58 pm

My entry for Five Minute Fiction, Week #54. No finalist, and very last minute, but fun nonetheless.

“You know, up in the outer solar system, it’s so cold, ice has the same properties as rock here?”

I wiped the sweat from my eyes and looked over at Kim. She was reading one of her science mags, oblivious to the heat.

I heaved myself from the couch and walked to the kitchen, pausing in front of the fan, but moving before she could complain about me blocking the air.

The kitchen tile, a curse in the winter, was good to bare feet in a house without a/c. I opened the freezer, avoiding the temptation to stand there for the rest of the day, and grabbed a cup full of icecubes from the tray.

I plunked myself back down on the couch, lifted Kim’s shirt, and nestled an already melting shard in her navel.

After she shrieked, I smiled at her.

“I like living on an inner planet,” and I fished another cube out.

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