Raziel Moore | Monocle

21/1/11 – interstitial – #catsarepervs

In dialog, haiku, humor, limerick, micropoem on 21/01/2011 at 10:32 pm

Feline aloofness
is all just a ruse so they
can watch you naked.

As pets some think cats are ranking
But that’s not currency worth banking
You should be beware
of their innocent stare
‘Cause you know that they’re watching you wanking

shiny things
nipple rings
cat claw springs
the pain stings

A bonus post? Perhaps this will only happen once. Perhaps it will happen occasionally for things that don’t have a home elsewhere. A few short tweety things that came up under the hashtag #catsarepervs, begun by @remittancegirl. It’s somewhat self explanatory.

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